This was one great trip with a lot of corners and great views.

From the Coronado trail to the Rockies, then southern Utah. We traveled over 2,000 miles
in 5 days with a lot of 10 mph corners.

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B Safford, AZ  
C Clifton, AZ (Start of the Coronado Trail)
D Alpine, AZ (End of the Coronado Trail)
E Sanders, AZ (1st overnight stop)  
F Lupton, AZ or Hwy 12 north  
G Window Rock, AZ turn right and follow 264  


Ganado, AZ then go north on 191  
I Mexican Water, turn right on 160 to Durango  
J Durango, Co, take 550 north
K Ouray, Co (2nd overnight stop)
L Placerville, Co on hwy 62 then south on hwy145
M Dolores, Co. Head west on 491
N Monticello, Ut, Head south 191 to Blanding
O Hanksville Ut. (3rd overnight stop)
P Boulder, Ut
Q Hatch, Ut
R Jacob Lake, AZ
S Marble Canyon, AZ  
T Flagstaff, AZ (4th overnight Stop)  
U Phoenix, Az - Home